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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00003733   [Downloads]
minornew2017-11-24Would like to have access to [^]
  0000040    [Cross Toolchains]
minornew2017-10-13Missing header files in HG OS X Toolchain
  00000131   [Openlink]
minornew2017-10-13MLDonkey telnet interface bug
  00000641   [Openlink]
minorconfirmed2017-10-13missing "sort" link to busybox
   000034932   [Downloads]
featureassigned (Mijzelf)2012-11-09Request for ftp access for a new Distribution called Sablink
  00003252   [Other Services]
blockfeedback (timtim)2011-03-26Cannot login to FTP or git
  00003236   [Other Services]
majorfeedback (mindbender)2011-03-22 [^] no longer exists, and link from main hompage to IPKG is dead.
  00003033   [Genlink]
minorfeedback (Smiley)2009-12-19new updated (AUG 2009) binpkgs and corresponding distfiles available
  000023612   [micro_evtd]
majorfeedback (lb_worm)2009-02-11/boot/pending_standby is missing form time to time
  00002665   [micro_evtd]
majoracknowledged (lb_worm)2009-01-18Wake on LAN does not work with some/most WOL-tools
  00001203   [2.6 - ARM Linkstations/Kuro Pro]
majorfeedback2009-01-11swap doesn't work well
  00000962   [2.6 - ARM Linkstations/Kuro Pro]
majorfeedback (jonli447)2009-01-02VFAT drivers causes kernel OOPS
  000011411 [Development Tools]
blocknew2008-12-30Devtools 0.16-8 fails with "./configure" for libupnp-1.4.3
  00000762   [Openlink]
minorassigned (mindbender)2008-12-28the command locate is included in OpenLink .73b, but doesn't function correctly
  0000073    [Development Tools]
minorassigned (mindbender)2008-12-27Incorrect symlinks made during install.
  0000067    [Development Tools]
minorassigned (mindbender)2008-12-27symbolic link from cc to gcc is missing
  0000066    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27Samba does not start after power up (OpenLink 0.52b)
  0000039    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27bugs in MIPS Development tools
  0000027    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27Pages running out of thttpd on 8080 are in Japanese
  00000873   [Openlink]
minorconfirmed (jonli447)2008-12-27/etc/profile permissions
  0000086    [Openlink]
minorconfirmed (jonli447)2008-12-27/dev/null permissions only allow root access
  00000851   [Openlink]
trivialacknowledged (kaiten)2008-12-27No Remote Logging
  0000080    [Openlink]
minorconfirmed (jonli447)2008-12-27No netstat
  0000011    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27libssl 0.96 missing
  0000014    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27locale or characterset problem - files disappear in smb shares
  0000020    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27missing libssl symbolic link
  0000024    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27Wrong firmware version displayed
  0000026    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27sort link missing
  0000032    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27HDD suspend mode steadily interrupted
  0000046    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27/bin/more doesn’t work
  0000049 2 [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27viewing USB-details and configuring the USB-printer not possible
  0000052    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27firmware updater does not find the LS
  0000053    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27Busybox Patch command does not work
  0000054    [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27portmap fails in OpenLink 0.51b for the GLAN
  0000068    [Openlink]
minorassigned (mindbender)2008-12-27libmagic1 should be moved from the development tools to openlink
  0000118    [Openlink]
minorassigned (mindbender)2008-12-27OpenLink 0.73upd: SSHD misconfiguration
  0000116    [Openlink]
majorassigned (mindbender)2008-12-27OpenLink 0.73upd: /etc/init.d/sshd not working due to missing su binary
  00001171   [Openlink]
minorassigned (mindbender)2008-12-27OpenLink 0.73upd: SCP not working due to compile-time misconfiguration
  00000651   [Openlink]
minornew2008-12-27change in /etc/fstab to get rlwrap working
  00000753   [Freelink]
majorassigned (lb_worm)2008-12-27Freelink on LS2 (060810 firmware) cannot use DHCP
  0000071    [Freelink]
minorassigned (lb_worm)2008-12-27/etc/hosts does not contain localhost
  0000122    [Freelink]
minornew2008-12-27/etc/securetty is world-writeable (this prevents root login on serial console)
  0000121    [Freelink]
majornew2008-12-27"localhost" alias fot missing from /etc/hosts
  00001191   [Genlink]
minoracknowledged2008-12-27vanilla/instream kernel required or else AVR watchdog is not disabled


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