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0000027Openlinkpublic2006-06-20 17:072008-12-27 01:12
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Summary0000027: Pages running out of thttpd on 8080 are in Japanese
DescriptionPorted from PITS 00028
Summary: Pages running out of thttpd on 8080 are in Japanese
Created: 2005–08–19 16:31
Status: Open
Category: Bug
From: timtimred
Priority: 1

Package: hg-openlink
Version: 0.51b

Description: Came across this earlier while I was poking around. I don’t use this service so for me its low priority. Looks like a PCast config thingy!

Update: The Linkstation Client installer and other stuff in that area are also in Japanese

Update: OK I see the english stuff is there. Having a quick look through the code and playing around a bit I see that it just isn’t getting the locale. You can see this by putting a script in a file in /usr/local/PCast/www/cgi-bin containing the following bits (taken out of the pcast.cgi file) and running it.

use strict ‘vars’; use lib(‘./module’); use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser); use BufCommonQueryString; use BufBasicLocale; use BufCommonSyslog;

my $info = BufCommonQueryString?new();

my %query = $info?get_query; my $info = BufBasicLocale?new();

my $lang = $info?get_lang; my $log = BufCommonSyslog?new();

   $log?save(“[PCast] Locale is: $lang”);

This results in the following information being displayed in /var/log/linkstation.log:

Aug 21 15:29:42 HD-HGLAN9A7 linkstation[4856]: [PCast] Locale is:

Its quite easy to hack in a fix, will look for proper solution.


Update: Looking back through the perl there seems to be a missing entry in /etc/melco/info the file needs to contain lang=english. This seems to work across reboots however I guess a configuration change could reset it - havn’t tested it with that yet - timtimred

Update: This modification survives config changes and reboots! Fixed I guess!
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